SO its summer time, time to go to the pool and rock that swimwear! Maybe you’ve started adding some extra ab crunches to your workout in hopes of getting your abs to make a rockin’ appearance while layin’ poolside this summer! 
Seems like it makes sense, right?
"If I train my abs then I should get abs, right?"
Sort of…

I’m going to break down THE BIG 3 principles when it comes to revealing your abs and keeping them visible for the world to see! 

The 3 things are... 




All these things dictate how much your abs show!
And let me preface that, all these things vary from person to person.

Now lets break things down, shall we?!


        When it comes to training the abs, many people resort to do an endless amount of crunches or sit ups and calling it a day.
While performing countless reps of crunches isn’t easy and lets be honest, it can be quite boring to do, it is NOT the most efficient way to train your abs in order to get those bad boys poppin'!                                   Your abdominals are a muscle just like any other muscle in your body, like your biceps, your triceps, quadriceps, etc.                                                                                                                     To get your abs to grow, you need to train them just like your would any other muscle on your body. Training the abs with weight and increasing that weight as you advance in your program will help you to continue to build the muscle in your abs.
Training your abs from different angles to target all areas of your abs (your rectus abdominals, internal and external oblique’s, serratus anterior). You need to stimulate your abs from all angles, incorporating exercises that target all muscles of the abs.

        Lastly, training abs directly and ONLY training your abs will NOT give you abs. Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce specific areas to lose body fat by overtraining that body part. A way to get your abs to show more overall is to burn off more fat off your entire body overall! This comes through a properly structured training/cardio and nutrition program! (Keep reading because nutrition is up next!)


        How many of you have heard the saying, abs are made in the kitchen?!
Well that saying speaks 100% the truth!
Consuming an optimal diet consisting of the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat for YOUR body and lifestyle is key! Eating nutritious foods, avoiding processed foods and drinking plenty of water is a great way to start!
        For those of you who know me, know I am big on tracking macronutrient/caloric intake. I personally find this way a very sustainable approach to keeping my diet in check and allowing me to alter the ratio of macronutrients when I am cutting or lean bulking! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions on flexible dieting/finding your most optimal macronutrients! I’m happy to help! 


        Lastly, the point that is not in our control but can play a role in how much your abs show is our genetics!
We all have different areas on the body where our body prefers to carry most of our fat. For ladies, a common area is in the glutes and hips area. For males, a common area is in the stomach. However, we all have different underlying shapes of our abs and they way they look on our body is dictated by our genetics.
        Some people will get to super low levels of body fat and still don’t have their abs showing as defined as others at the some body fat %. Unfair? HECK YES!                                                                                        But that’s just life and genetics my friends! Some people respond extremely well to training their abs only once a week and see the development in their abs they want.
        Overall, make the most out of what you have! You can always improve and work hard to get those abdominals to pop! 


        At the end of the day, remember that consistency is key!
No fitness goal is out of reach for you, you just need to make the right changes and choices! :) 
As always, feel free to email me/shoot me a msg in my contact forum if you have any additional questions!
I'm here and more than happy to help!! xo



1. Get yourself on a program! Going into the gym with a plan of action will keep you focused, prepared & excited for your workout!

Consistency is key, and staying regimented on a specific program will guarantee you results!

As you progress you will probably decide how you want your training program to be but for now, its super important to give yourself a plan of action!

2. Forget about what other people are thinking

At the end of the day, everyone in the gym is there to workout for themselves. They don’t care how much you are lifting, what exercises you are doing, how you look while you workout, so don’t let any of that intimidate you!

Never compare yourself to anyone & love the body you were blessed with.

Start where you are, do what you can & go in there with confidence and you will KILL IT!

3. Get a workout partner to go to the gym with!

Having an accountability partner can be huge to helping you reach your goals (not to mention, a lot of fun having someone to gym with!)

This can be someone who is at your level or someone who is experienced.

If they are just starting out like you, you guys can learn together and have a lot of fun going to the gym together, makes for a very comfortable experience going to the gym! If they are an expert in the gym you can learn a lot from them. Either way a WIN-WIN situation! :)


BIG OR SMALL, recognize the positive changes you make and be proud of yourself!

Setting up a reward system for yourself is a great way to stay motivated!


Most importantly set this goal for YOU!

Love your body enough to follow a healthier lifestyle and fall in love with the process! If you don’t love it in the beginning, be patient, it gets easier.

Go into this New Year with the right mindset, set goals for yourself and ultimately have fun doing it!


SO, what is the deal on whey protein powder supplements and what does it do for YOU, YOUR BODY AND ULTIMATELY YOUR RESULTS? I will break it all done for you and explain to you the use of supplementing with protein into your daily routine as well as go over the different types of whey protein supplements!


First lets talk about the macronutrient, PROTEIN itself. Protein is the body’s building block. It is composed of amino acids that our body uses to function properly and maintain structure and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs.

Below I will discuss protein’s role in particular to building muscle.In order to be successful with building more muscle mass, you want to ensure you are consuming enough protein daily.


Protein powder supplements are not a direct requirement to gaining muscle mass, as long as you then are consuming enough protein from your diet from whole foods.

I personally feel that taking a protein powder supplement helps me to reach my daily protein intake goal. This is just because I find it a lot easier to drink 25-30g of protein and also the convenience of drinking an extra serving of protein than consuming it from whole food meal. Especially if you are trying to increase your muscle mass, you are probably already eating many other whole food meals throughout your day.


Immediately after a workout it is a crucial time to make sure your body is getting a solid amount of protein to give your body fuel to heal and grow. This is because when you workout you are creating small tears in your muscle tissues as you contract your muscles throughout your workout. Your body then needs to repair itself. Protein is used here by being delivered to your muscles to start repairing these microtears in the muscle fibers. Immediately after your workout, your body is in an anabolic state. You want this process to begin right away and this can occur quickly and efficiently by taking a whey protein supplement immediately post workout.

Solid foods take a longer time to digest in the body and therefore reach your muscles to start this process in comparison to a protein shake, which only takes about 30 minutes to digest and reach your muscles.

Now there are many different types of protein supplements out there on shelves at supplement stores. To name a few there are,  whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrates, casein protein powders, hydrolyzed whey proteins, soy protein powders, milk protein isolates, etc.

Depending on your goals, your dietary preferences (i.e. lactose intolerant, vegan) and what you would like to use the protein for, one protein may be more ideal over another.

Particularly for immediately after workout, a whey protein isolate or hydrolyzed whey protein would be ideal as it contains the greatest concentration of protein (ranging from 90-98%). Due to its chemical nature it is the easiest to absorb in your system. It also contains the lowest level of lactose and is typically the lowest levels in calories, fat and carbs.

Here is a just brief outline on some of the other types of protein supplements that may be of interest to you!

Whey Protein Concentrate

  • 70-85% protein content
  • This protein contains higher levels of fat and lactose than isolates. Whey concentrate is good to be used for both pre and post workout as well as a good supplement in between meals to help add protein to your diet!

Casein Protein

  • This protein is a slow-releasing protein that will be broken down in your body over a span of several hours (5-7 hours).
  • Casein protein can be used as a meal, especially as a meal before bed to help your body stay anabolic throughout the night!

Whey Protein Isolate

  • One of the quickest absorbing proteins with a high concentrate of 90-98% protein content.
  • Ideal for pre ad post workout as they are quickly absorbed and utilized by the body.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

  • Highest absorption rate with a great anabolic effect among all protein supplements!
  • Better on the digestive system compared to other proteins and used ideally for pre and post workout!

Soy Protein

  • If you are looking for a vegetarian source of protein then this may be an option for you!
  • Soy supports a healthy cholesteral, is lactose-free
  • This can be used both pre and post workout, or anytime throughout the day to help reach your protein macronutrient goals.

Milk Protein Isolate

  • A combination of both casein and whey protein.
  • Typically used at anytime throughout the day due to the fact that it has both fast and slow rate digesting properties.

As always, if you have any further questions on protein supplements, what would be an ideal choice for you, if you should start supplementing, etc, feel free to shoot me a msg through my 'CONTACT' tab!:)


On August 15th, 2015 I competed in my very first OPA (Ontario Physique Association) competition in the bikini division. I competed at the GNC CanFitPro Natural Championships in Toronto. The entire process of my competition prep was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Throughout my prep, I coached myself and learned an exponential amount of new knowledge about my body, nutritional diet, training and just more about myself in general.

For 15 weeks, I devoted my entire life to my training would not change a thing about the experience! I am a strong believer in always striving for more in your life. There really are no limitations as to what you can achieve in your life. Set your goals HIGH and you will get there. It truly is all about your mindset, if you tell yourself you CAN do something, you WILL!

Your life is a constant journey of growth and learning to achieve what we want. This past weekend I qualified for the Natural Provincials, which I will be competing in next August of 2016.

I am more than ready to train even harder this year and come back to the stage with a completely different and improved package for 2016!!

Never stop expanding, growing, living and learning in your life! & always remember to trust YOUR process! Even when it feels tough, trust that it will all makes sense and the adversity will put you in the exact places you need to be!

Below are some pictures I took from the weekend! xoxo

IMG_9400 IMG_9437 IMG_9455 IMG_9401

IMG_8213_3 _DSC1371 IMG_9410 IMG_9350


OH THE ABS! The area we all seem to constantly want to improve! The quest for the perfect 6-pack seems to always be the mission. Media posts everywhere you look, saying things like, “THE TRICK TO THE PERFECT 6 PACK ABS” or “EAT THIS/ TAKE THIS SUPPLEMENT AND YOU WILL HAVE ABS” its hard to find truth as to how to reveal that six-pack.

That’s why I have decided to clear up these myths about the abs and tell you simply tell you how you can reveal that six-pack of yours!!


First off, let me begin by saying,

Training your abs does NOT lower your body fat specifically at your midsection!

Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce. If you want to get your abs to show more you have to bring your overall body fat percentage down!

That being said, you can do a million crunches but if you have a layer of fat over your abdominals, your 6-pack will not be visible.

You will however strengthen your abdominal muscles which is never a bad thing, but the look of that shredded 6-pack will not appear do to the layer of fat on top.

So this may make you ask,


I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Well, when we want to reduce or body fat percentage, it is really quite simple we just have to simply expend more calories than we consume.

It is so crucial that we obtain optimal amounts of macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat) for our bodies!

Every BODY is different so it is key that you provide enough of each macronutrient to fuel your body everyday!


  1. PROTEIN!!

Protein is especially important when wanting to maintain your abs because it will help you build lean muscle as well as burn body fat. Out of all the macronutrients, protein has the highest thermogenic effect on the body!

  1. FATS

Fat is your friend!! It is so important we are consuming healthy fats primarily from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats such as raw nuts, nut butters, fish oils, olive oils, etc. These sources of fat will keep your insulin levels stable, that is extremely important if you want to lose belly fat and reveal those 6-pack abs!


Carbs may have been given a bad name in the diet industry but that is definitely one big myth!! Yes, eating too many carbohydrates will lead to weight gain but eating too much of anything will lead to weight gain!! Carbohydrates are our body’s main fuel source that our body needs to function at its peak and remain healthy! When on the 6-pack quest some great sources of carbohydrates that are my favourites are sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and vegetables!


Combining all 3 of these macronutrients in optimal amounts for your body type will keep your metabolism strong and make your body a fat burning machine!


Now the next part to address when unleashing your 6-pack is what is the best way to train your abs!

As I mentioned above, you cannot spot reduce. Doing 1000 crunches is not going to be beneficial if your abs are still covered by a layer of fat. But it is still important you implement some consistent ab training in your workout routine.

  • Aim to train your abs 2-4 times/week!
  • Choose 3-4 abdominal exercises and aim for 4 sets of each exercise for your ab workout.
  • Train your core abdominal core at multiple angles using a veriety of exercises to maximize better results! (I will be posting an abdominal workout shortly on exercises you could do!)
  • Keep your rest periods short! (30-45 seconds)
  • For weighted oblique movements, choose a light weight. (this is so you don’t develop muscle thickness around your midsection)
  • For bodyweight ab exercises aim to go until muscle failure! For weighted abdominal exercises try to aim for higher reps.

Ultimately, you just really want to feel the burn in the right places when training your abdominals!


  • Compound, multi-joint, total body movements! These types of movements will result in greater fat loss and more muscle building response than any crunch ever will!
  • HIIT workouts/ Intervals! Instead of doing steady state cardio on a cardio machine try out a HIIT style workout as it will spike up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine! (Check out my blog on HIIT training under the ‘Fitness’ section). Interval workouts- try combining abdominal exercises in your cardio routine!

Overall, stay focused on your diet, perform compound exercises, do smart cardio in your workout routine, be consistent & use good form during your abdominal training and you are well on your way on your six pack quest!



Personally, BACK day is one of my favourite days to train!!! Your back is such a HUGE muscle group that I think sometimes doesn't get paid enough attention to.

Not only does it look amazing when you have an aesthetic back, training your back will have substantial benefits for your long term health & well being!

It will prevent low back pain and keep your posture in tact as you age!

So keep reading if you want to read my favourite exercises to target each part of your back to complete the perfect BACK ATTACK workout!

For this workout, we are going to target 4 major regions of your back!

  1. Upper and Outer Lats
  2. Lower Lats
  3. Middle Back
  4. Low Back


To target this area, we are going to be doing movements that utilize a WIDE grip.

This will help develop that V-taper look must people want to achieve!

  • Wide Grip Pull Ups
  • Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
  • Straight Arm Pulldown


To target this area, you want to focus on more narrow grip/underhand exercises.

  • Underhand Close Grip Lat Pull Down
  • T-Bar Row
  • Close Grip Pull Ups
  • Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows


Aim for close and medium grip pulling movements towards your midsection!

  •  One Arm Dumbbell Row
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Bent-Over Barbell Row


To target this area, movements where you bend from the waist are key! These movements will help strengthen and protect you from experiencing low-back pain.

  •  Back Extension
  • Deadlifts
  • Good Mornings

Choose a couple exercises from each area to make sure you are targeting your FULL back during your next back workout!

Aim for 3-4 sets of each exercise and depending on your goals, your rep ranges will vary!

If you are not sure what rep range is ideal for you, here is a quick guideline you can follow:





This is just a basic guideline you can use if you are confused as to where to start. Everyone's bodies are different and your training program may include many different rep ranges and set schemes to achieve different goals!

As always, if you have any questions or comments on how to perform an exercise I mentioned above or need guidance on creating an optimal program designed to just for YOU to suit YOUR needs, do not hesitate to contact me! :)




First off, lets begin with what are BCAAs? BCAAs stands for branch chained amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein (we get this from our diet from foods like meat, dairy and legumes). Branched chained amino acids are made up of three essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine.

These are essential amino acids because our body is unable to make them so therefore we need to consume them through food or supplements.



BCAAs are a great supplement to include in your diet because they play a major role in stimulating protein synthesis!

They increase synthesis of the cell’s to carry out the process of protein synthesis as well as increasing the cell’s capacity for protein synthesis!

BCAAs are believed to also enhance exercise performance. During exercise, it causes an increase in serotonin levels which are believed to cause fatigue. BCAAs have been found to reduce serotonin levels, therefore minimizing fatigue and enhancing exercise performance!!

BCAAs are primarily metabolized in skeletal muscles in comparison to other amino acids, in the liver.

This is why BCAAs also help repair damaged muscles, decrease muscle soreness and increase mental function.


Drink your BCAAs before, during or after your training!

I love drinking on mine throughout the day in addition to during my workouts!

Aim for 5g of BCAAs per hour of training.


The list could go on forever with possible options of flavours and brands of BCAAs to take!!

I’m all for trying new supplements and changing it up but currently I have been taking & loving:


Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition- AllDayYouMay

Flavour: Blue Raspberry

I absolutely love this product! Not only is the taste AMAZING it offers some unreal benefits in comparison to other BCAA brands.

  • It has a 10:1:1 BCAA ratio!!!
  • Offers joint & liver support
  • Powerful Anti-oxidant Immue System Support
  • Muscle Stamina Enhancers


Ballistic Laboratories- Amino Reload

Flavour: Peach Mango

Another one of my favourites! This one sold me because this company is a Canadian company and all of their products are pharmaceutically licensened! Therefore, you know you are getting nothing but highly advanced, quality formulas!

Not only is the product made from high quality ingredients and a trustable brand, the taste is out of this world!!!

Definitely a company to check out if you haven’t yet :)


OH CARDIO… the thing many of us dread! When you think of cardio, many of us may think of endless minutes and hours on a mechanical piece of stationary equipment. Going into your cardio session without your phone or Ipod almost seems like a complete tragedy! God forbid you FORGET your headphones… that cardio is just not happening anymore.

Well I’m here to enlighten you on how to get more bang for your buck on your next cardio session! Say goodbye to the long, endless and dreaded cardio and HELLO to a new fast and efficient way of doing your cardio!

 I’d like to introduce you all to your new best friend, HIIT training.

 WHAT IS HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training! It is a training technique that involves giving your absolute 100% effort for a short period of time, followed by a recovery period (can be active/non-active rest depending on your intensity)

WHY DO HIIT? This will give you a HIGH intensity workout in a short period of time! Due to the high intensity of the workout, you keep your heart rate HIGH and burn MORE fat in LESS time! (like I said before, say buh-bye to staring at the clock on that cardio machine!)

BUT STILL, you may ask, “Ayesha, I don’t get how you are burning more in 20 mins when the treadmill said I burned 550 cals on my hour long steady state cardio…”


ITS ALL ABOUT THE EPOC! (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

When you have high intensity workouts, you increase the body’s need for oxygen during the workout and this creates an oxygen shortage, resulting in asking your body for more oxygen during recovery. This afterburn effect is known as EPOC and will keep you burning calories ALL day long, even AFTER you’ve left the gym! Now, how great does that sound?

Burning fat even when you’re not working out!

SO OVERALL, yes your steady state cardio may burn a lot of calories during your cardio session, but HIIT training burns a great deal of calories DURING & AFTER your workout.


...Still interested in learning more about HIIT?

Below is a list of my favourite benefits of HIIT training!


  1. Increased resting metabolic rate for up to 24 hours AFTER exercise.
  2. Lose fat, NOT muscle.
  3. Large spikes in growth hormone levels (aids in fat loss) and catecholamine levels (chemicals your body produces to directly induce fat mobilization)
  4. Post exercise appetite suppression
  5. Choose your own workout variations that challenge you to become a healthier and stronger YOU!

Interested in trying out some of MY HIIT workouts & learn more ways on MAXIMIZING efficient ways at fat loss?

Shoot me a message in my contact forum and inquire about my One-On-One Personal Training Program!